What you should know.

What is the difference between a yoga training and yoga retreat?

A yoga training is an intensive yoga immersion for practitioners to delve deeply into their practice and, in some cases, become teachers. Yoga training immersions generally last 2-3 weeks and daily agendas are packed with yoga curriculum, workshops, and more!

A yoga retreat is much like a yoga vacation. Most retreats generally last a week or less and consist of a few yoga classes a day with a loose schedule. Retreats allow for plenty of free time to relax and engage in activities, depending on the place.

Since we are "retreating" to train and study yoga, we often refer to our offerings as teacher training retreats, as we also provide opportunities to participate in fun excursions and activities in our chosen destinations. 

I’m not interested in teaching yoga. Can I still participate in the training?

YES. These trainings are designed not only for teachers-to- be, but also those who would like to travel deeply into their personal practice, especially the understanding of postures.  Many people go through yoga trainings and do not move forward to teach yoga, but have a more profound understanding of the practice.

Why should I go through a yoga training?

Whether you have been practicing yoga for a long time or not, to go through a training is a great way to educate yourself in a supportive group environment. You will learn detailed anatomy of the body and our poses and move to practice asana on a more informed level. In addition to asana practice, you will study the origin of yoga and philosophy that fuels the practice. Yoga trainings are a great way to give time to yourself, reflect, reset, and change habitual routine (diet, physical transformation, meditation).

What kind of yoga do we learn?

The Devotional School of Yoga covers a variety of common styles, including vinyasa, hatha, restorative, therapeutics, and the bikram sequence. We also explore the 8 Limbs of Yoga and other underlying philosophy of the practice. You can expect a balance between physical and non-physical aspects of the yoga practice as we aim to be well-rounded students and teachers.

How long do I have to practice yoga to become a yoga teacher?

This is up to you! There is no required time frame for you to decide to become a teacher or to participate in a training. We’ve taught teachers ranging from 19-67 years of age with various levels of experience and teaching goals.

Will I be able to do all the physical practice?

Yes, not to worry! We encourage our trainees to go at their own pace when it comes to daily physical practice (asana practice). We will help you to modify your practice according to your body and experience throughout the training.

Are you yoga alliance certified?

YES. The Devotional School of Yoga has been accredited by the Yoga Alliance since 2015 as a 200 hour level designation. Upon completion of our training, you may choose to become a member of the Yoga Alliance.

I want to teach yoga. What can I do with my certification?

There are many possibilities! Our school graduates now teach in elementary schools, rehab centers, retreat centers, yoga studios, physical therapy clinics, corporate offices, colleges, senior centers, gyms, and dance studios.