Additional Information

Group Size

Our trainings strive for an intimate education setting and typically have about 10 participants. Your voice, your body, and your time are valuable. We find that, with this average number of participants in a training group, there is greater opportunity for true connection.

We place an emphasis on the study of yoga philosophy in addition to the physical practice. We are passionate about sharing the 8 Limbs of Yoga and many guiding principles of the yoga practice as a whole. We hold space for the study and discussion of yoga philosophy in a safe and constructive environment.

We respect every person’s background, nationality, religion, spirituality, identity, and personal belief system. Our training will not force any belief system or way of life on our students and friends. We simply aim to provide a thorough exploration of Yoga on a physical, mental, and emotional level.

Our teacher trainers, educators, and group facilitators are highly qualified professionals from different yoga backgrounds. We are human yogis, just like you, who have a deep personal practice and 20+ years of collective experience to draw from as we help guide you on this path. Our number one goal is to support YOU on your individual journey with yoga.

You deserve to feel fully prepared for your yoga training education! You will receive detailed information and timely updates about transportation and travel to/from our training destination, as well as any new program developments. We will provide you with a thorough packing checklist, and a small list of training materials to help you plan for this experience