My overall experience was amazing! Across the board from cost, choice of venue, and organized curriculum. We were prepped for training with packing lists, flight coordination, and transportation arrangements. Upon arrival to our retreat center, a thoughtful orientation provided us with clear expectations of curriculum, daily schedule, and general guidelines.

It is evident that this training is inspired by various yoga traditions and lineages. In our daily workshops we examined different body types, abilities, strengths, and injuries. We also enjoyed the incorporation of props, hands-on-assists, and modification workshops. The rhythm of schedule and the pace/progression of how we learned was very comfortable. After dinner we held a safe space for self-study and contemplation of the Sutra translations. Training manuals were easy and understandable, aiding us through the exploration of the 8 Limbs of Yoga.  - Alex, 4th Avenue Yoga

I recently completed the Alaska 2017 training retreat. This was one of the most memorable and positive experiences of my life. The material was entirely pertinent throughout the training. Kali is an experienced teacher who deeply cares about her students, and the quality of instruction provided. She is respectful to the body, and will not push you into injurious extremes. Her mind, body, and spirit are in the appropriate place to be training teachers. She is an excellent communicator, and was present throughout the experience. I cannot recommend her next training highly enough for anyone considering this, do it!!!! - Kevin



I received my 200 hour teacher certification through The Devotional School of Yoga in the Sedona immersion. The detailed instruction, posture workshops, and teaching technique were all right up my alley! In addition to the physical aspects, the challenging personal work helped me feel completely prepared to teach yoga in my community! I also met many wonderful individuals from all over who enhanced my training experience. I would recommend this program to anyone looking for a well-rounded education that dives into both the physical and the spiritual heart of Yoga. - Gaby, Yoga Revolution

We had the pleasure of hosting Kali Kennedy and The Devotional School of Yoga at our Retreat Center - Istmo Yoga and Adventure Retreat, Panama for their October 2018 200hr - YTT. I was very impressed with the maturity and mindfulness with which Kali led the YTT. You could tell that she had a deep connection with each of her students, and was dedicated to their learning and transition from student to teacher. I also had the pleasure of taking her yoga classes, and LOVED them. She is truly a Teacher’s Teacher, and I feel honored that The Devotional School of Yoga hosted one of their trainings at our location. Ayesha, ISTMO Retreat Owner



Earning my teacher training through The Devotional School of Yoga, led by Kali Kennedy, was a deeply impactful experience. The content and structure of the curriculum and the integrity of Kali’s mentorship truly pushed me to find the teacher within myself. I came home from the Panama teacher training immersion and retreat with the tools, mindset, and heart to continue developing my own practice and witness others grow through their own. - Kate


The 2018 Yoga Immersion in Sedona was utterly beneficial for my body and personal practice. Prior to the training I had suffered a severe vertebrae herniation in my lower back which required surgery. Through the training I could expand my practice daily and the recovery from my surgery has been remarkable! I am achieving a noticeably higher level of wellness altogether. In addition to the knowledge I've gained of asanas, I felt the approach to the yogic philosophy was well tempered and divulged in a palatable manner. Following this immersion, I feel confident imparting the knowledge I attain to others I the yoga community! - Rob , Private Yoga Instructor


Participating in this school creates a strong foundation of yoga! You will be actively engaged throughout the learning and take time to dissect poses. You will be immersed with asanas, breath work exercises, sequencing, and so much more! Kali is an outstanding leader who creates a positive and supportive environment where growth truly takes place! You will have the time of your life- trust me! - Amanda, 4th Ave Yoga , Laguna Elementary School


Making the decision to go to Belize for a full immersion yoga teacher training was a life changing, extraordinary experience. I stepped out of my comfort zone and was challenged in ways I never thought possible; both personally and spiritually. The Devotional School of Yoga offers unique characteristics that, I feel, many yoga teacher trainings may lack. We covered the importance of alignment and the breakdown of the asanas, but there was also an emphasis on philosophy and personal growth. I gained the skills to build/teach a class with inspiration and creativity, rather than following the habitual sequencing some teacher trainings focus on. I made life-long friendships with my fellow yogis and have grown immensely from this experience! - Catherine, Mirasol Recovery Center


I can say, with complete confidence - and without any exaggeration - that my teacher training at The Devotional School of Yoga, as led by Kali Kennedy and guest teachers, was one of the greatest experiences I’ve had in my life. Kali taught with patience and precision, ensuring that we were prepared to teach & practice with a true knowledge of yoga. After my training ended, I came out sure in my ability to do just that. And I have! - Alexsey 4th Ave Yoga, Do(OM) Yoga

I had been searching for the “perfect” training for a months, but felt like I was going to have to settle for a program. I finally learned of the amazing opportunity that The Devotional School of Yoga was offering - everything I was looking for and more! There is something so special about an immersion training. We were allowed the time to disconnect from our everyday life and focus on our practice. The training was a well thought-out combination of physical and philosophical aspects of Yoga. This training opened up new opportunities for me, ones for which I will be forever grateful. Thank you to The Devotional School of Yoga for this life changing experience!- Marissa, Discover ME Yoga



As a retired school teacher, age 67, non- native English speaking, it was a challenging decision to get the 200 hour teacher training from The Devotional School of Yoga, in Panama, under Kali Kennedy in 2018. 

I was anxious about taking the intensive training with the younger generations even though I have been practicing yoga since 1996. However, my strong desire to live a purposeful life, serve others with Christ’s love, and searching for the improvements in myself, led me to find The Devotional School of Yoga training Panama.

Ms. Kennedy covered all that was needed to be become a yoga teacher. I also had the most exciting experience of envisioned, vivid purple colors (chakra) during our meditation sessions.

I have the satisfaction of achieving knowledge of yoga. I appreciate Ms. Kennedy for her dedication, excellent teaching method, and encouragements. I am very thankful for the opportunity to be able to teach yoga to other teachers overseas this year.- Grace


Before I started the program, I was terrified about the physical demands of what getting my 200-hr would mean, but the curriculum is setup as delicately as possible given the intense time constraints. More importantly, I was able to peel emotional layers and breakthrough mental barriers, challenging myself on a social level; and quite frankly, I didn't end up being as focused on the physical aspect as I thought. I learned about sharing ideas, beliefs, and concepts free of judgement - all the while learning everything I could about yoga. I cannot recommend this school more! It allowed for me to heal, and to find space and clarity. It gave me new opportunity by providing me with applicable skills and a fair amount of teaching practice in a short span of time. It gave me a new home within myself. And for that I am forever grateful. - Miranda, 4th Ave Yoga Community



My two-week teacher training with The Devotional School of Yoga was one of the most profound experiences of my life. The mix of physical practice and philosophy really allowed myself and the other students an opportunity to explore ourselves in ways not commonly found in modern-western culture. The lessons learned and the experiences lived were incredible catalysts for positive change, advancement and growth in my personal life. The flow of the schedule, although sometimes arduous, allowed for development of teaching styles and exploration of the various forms of Yoga. The Devotional School of Yoga more than exceeded my expectations and I will always credit it as a major part of the journey I call life. - Ross, Humble Sasquatch Yoga