Downward Dog Shop
Saturday, August 17th

*This workshop is no longer available*


Style your new Downward Facing Dog!

Downward Dog is one of the most common poses in modern Hatha Yoga. In some cases, like vinyasa classes, downward dog can be performed repeatedly throughout class and held for several breaths. It’s important to realign our downward dog to ensure we receive all the benefits of this popular pose!

In this workshop we will pull apart “bad” downward dog habits and examine misconceptions. Receive individual attention on your downward dog and friendly feedback for healthy alignment and a pose that fits YOUR body. You deserve to feel safe, sturdy, and confident in your downward dog.

This workshop will include an optional downward dog with the Yoga Wall, an influential Iyengar tool used to assist in alignment and joint decompression.

Open to all levels of yoga experience. Due to the intimate nature of this workshop, we will hold space for 10 people.

$40 Workshop, $35 Alumni

*This workshop is no longer available*